Wednesday, February 23, 2011



I read the above article about two men (high school students when the incident occured) who were sentenced to nine years in prison for beating and kicking another man to death. Because the two men were white and the man who was beaten to death was Hispanic, there is a lot of racial tension and controversy. It said that the boys called the man a "spic" before beating him to death followed by an acquittal of all serious state charges (including murder) by an all white jury. Federal hate crime charges were then filed.

Aside from the racial issues, how could anyone acquit these boys of those crimes. What's sad, is that there were actually four boys. They were all drunk and beat this guy. Two of them plead guilty and testified AGAINST the other two boys in this article. They told everyone what happened, how they plotted to cover it up, and even that one of the two boys plotted with local police to cover up the situation.

Going back to race, clearly this was what it was about. The Hispanic guy was here illegally, the boys were drunk, and that doesn't mix well. I would even bargain to say that the boys didn't mean to kill the guy. However, why does anyone think that a person deserves to be beaten because of their nationality or even status as a citizen of this country? Obviously, there will always be racial differences that cause us to argue with one another. People get heated about things and many just feel more comfortable around their own race. I'm not Ghandi preaching that we should hold hands and kiss. But, I would say that there is a general rule of common decency that we need to show to mankind. Needless to say, this is a Biblical principle of loving our neighbor, but in the broad spectrum on humanity this should even be present.

I would also bargain to say that the man wasn't here illegally with malicious intentions, but to provide a better life for himself and his family. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that people take advantage of our system and abuse our country's generosity. But, if I were in a place where my family wasn't being provided for, I would do what I needed to do to make it happen. That's not my excuse for illegal aliens, I'm just stating the facts. Going back to the topic though, again, this guy didn't deserve a firing squad. If you wanted to take out your drunken anger, you should have called immigration services. Killing people is illegal too, you know.

And that brings me to my last point. Ah, yes, the anger of these innocent young men. Seeing how this horrible illegal immigrant was over here stealing jobs from hard working Americans. So, let's get drunk (illegal because you're not 21) and beat the guy and really teach him a lesson (illegal). What? He's dead? Well, let's plot a scheme to cover our tracks or lie to the police (illegal). Now that we're arrested, let's do everything we can to make us look like law abiding citizens and just taken by a righteous surge of anger to get off easy instead of facing the consequences (morally wrong). They attacked this guy for being here illegally, breaking more and worse laws in the process.

Now, I realize that there is clearly more to this story. I realize that even though a man is dead, that these boys are still a parent's kids. I also realize that there may be more of the story that I don't know. But, when you beat a man to death when you're life wasn't in danger, what more of the story is there to tell? Clearly, a lose/lost situation. But, what are we telling people when we acquit murderers? I'll give you the answer. We're telling people that it's okay to let your anger escape your better judgment. It's okay to murder if your judgment is impaired by alcohol (even when underage). It's okay to manipulate our system for our betterment even when having to do so because we murdered someone for supposedly manipulating and abusing our system.