Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Projects

Here is a small stool I made for the work bench. It was definitely tougher to build than I thought because of the compound angle cuts. But, it looked pretty cool when it was done.

On black Friday, we were able to get this table saw for $69! That's a steal. It's normally $150. It took almost an entire month to come in though. But, once it did, I built a little stand to make it mobile. There's just not a lot of space for the big, stationary stand that came with it. And the wheels do lock in case you wonder how i keep it from moving while cutting.

Here is the box that I built for Ellie's room. We wanted it to look like a block letter so I put the border around it and then Kim did all the decorations including the "E" on the front. We just used the leftover paint from her room and dresser. Everything matches perfect!

In this picture you can see the little knob on the top front better. We made it somewhat functional by putting hinges on the back and the knob up front so we can use it for storage. The only downside to it was that it caused a slight gap on the top left where it closes. But, it's not too terrible. If I had put nails in it, it wouldn't open or close though so we chose the function.

Kim did a good job decorating the box!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Give Me Jesus

Wow, just wow...I ran across this video and thought it was awesome. From reading the description from the person posting, it's the Indiana Wesleyan University Chorale on a plane waiting on maintenance to check things out.