Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cool Baby, Martin House, and Bird House

Some pics from our big day outside..

We put her sunglasses on to protect her eyes and we thought for a minute that maybe she didn't like them.  So, we pulled them off and she started squinting some kind of terrible so we threw them back on and she never fussed.

Cool baby with her mom 

We got the Martin house up!  Yesterday, I put the bottom of the three tier pole in the ground and put in concrete and leveled it.  Then, today I went out and put up the house.  It looks pretty awesome out in the yard.

Here is "Mama Bird" feeding her babies.  Kim named her Mama Bird.  I put this bird house up at the beginning of Spring, and within a week we had a bird with a nest already made.  Mama Bird's babies hatched recently and we've been watching her take food to them.  Every time she shows up with a bite, you can here the babies chirping like crazy.  I was able to snap the next two pictures today while she was feeding them a worm.


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