Saturday, November 3, 2012

Youth Blog Revisited

Our youth blog is now at  We bought the domain name because our old one was a little bulky and not too friendly on the memory as well as having the .blogspot with it.  I've updated a few things and I am going to make an extra effort to keep things current.  The goal is to bring in some student and parent traffic to spark some interest in the youth group as well as inform and encourage.  So, go check it out sometime and share the link with someone you know to bring some traffic to the site!


These pics are a little late, but here is Halloween (well, trick or treat night for Racine).

We were a little late on our fall decorations, but last year, we got them up early and by Halloween, they looked all run down.  So, this year we put them up just before trick or treat night.

Here's PawPaw Mike with Ellie the Elephant.  

Here's the baby girl again.

Elise with her mommy

The spread of goodies

Our pumpkin carvings were probably the most difficult we've done so far.  I was actually too intimidated to take on this one, but the Frankenstein template I chose instead was too big, so I had to go back to this one.  But, it didn't turn out too bad

This is Kim's pumpkin.  The curves, eyes, and spots where you have to leave just a notch of pumpkin on the edge are hard to accomplish.  Kudos to Kim.

After the festivities

Sammie wanted in on the love

Grace had her Halloween toy out