Friday, February 22, 2013



We got this little gem at SAMs on sale for $5!  It's normally like $25, but they were clearing them out apparently.  You put a little burner in it and use the little sticks to cook marshmallows.  How awesome is that?!

Trying to Stand

Lately, Elise has been trying to stand.  Here she is at church at the doors up on her knees.  She's getting really close to being able to get herself all the way up.

New Shoes

Elise got some new shoes recently...Here she is showing them off

Steak n' Shake

They put a new Steak n' Shake in Parkersburg recently and we went and ate there a couple of weeks ago.  Elise loved her little hat.

Homemade Hair Bows

One day our pediatrician was telling Kim about how you can make your own homemade hair bows.  So, Kim googled it and figured out how and made some nice ones for Elise.

You roll up the ribbon on little dowel rods first and bake them in the oven

 The ribbon is stuck like that forever now

 Then, you cut them into little sections

 Last step is tying them together and hot gluing them onto the hair clip

Homemade Valentine's Day Gift

This Valentine's Day I decided to try to and do something a little more homemade than usual.  I know how much Kim loves picture frames so I made her one with some tweaks to what she likes.  

 Here is the core part of the frame before any other modification.  I won't even show you a picture of the back because it's pretty hideous...But, it did come together nicely for what will be seen.

 After paint

 I ended up buying some cheap frames and just taking the glass out for my frame.  The four corners have 4x6 pictures and the middle has an 8x10.  I've got me and Kim in one, Elise in one, Gracie in one, and Sammie in one.  After we have another kid, I'll put Sammie and Gracie in one slot then our other kid in one.

I was awful surprised at the finished product to be quite honest.  It turned out better than I expected, but that's mostly due to Mel Quillen's awesome artwork.  Kim really likes the whole "Faith, Hope, and Love" theme on pretty much anything so I thought I would utilize that along with Family for my empty slots.  So, I cut pieces of wood to fit the slots, then ran the edges on the table saw at the opposite thickness of the frame portion and they fit snug and flush with the frame.  I sanded them down and gave them to Mel.  She painted them white and added the artwork which I think was perfect for the frame.  Simple, but really cool.  All in all, it turned out really nice I think!  Mad props to Mel for her part in the process!

Valentine's Day

 Here's Elise with her Valentine's Day outfit

 She loves her binky..Notice the red bow too.  Kim made that.  Check out the other post on hair bows.

 There she is playing in her room.

 My cheap gift for Kim.  Cheap you say?  But, it looks so nice..Yep.  It's originally a $50 item at Rite Aid.  But, they had it 50% off which knocked it down to $25.  Then, we've been getting these $10 off coupons ALL the time on our rewards card.  Don't ask me how, but they pretty much take $10 off every time we buy something there.  Only this time they took two $10 rewards off knocking down my price to $5!!  Pretty awesome.

 It's a glass bird bath.  But, don't think this "cheap gift" was her only gift..Check out the post about my homemade one.

Christmas and New Years

Late with these pics too, but here are Christmas and New Years!

Family portrait...There are always like 5 shots and we try to choose the best one :) 

Without the pups

Elise by herself.  There were about 12 of these before she finally smiled.  But, well worth the wait! 

 Playing with mommy's hoodie strings

 She had more fun with the gift bag than she did anything else!

Sharon, Kim, and Elise 

 Christmas morning, feeling good after a bottle with mommy

 Tearing into gifts

 Her basketball hoop!  She loves that thing

 She liked rolling in the wrapper

 She liked playing with her socks

 Helping her open a gift

 Baby girl with her Leapfrog "Violet."  Violet says Elise's name, and has the same favorite foods, songs, and colors.

 Gracie snooping around the gifts

 Mom and pup

It looks like she's sticking out her tongue at ya

 Sammie chillin with her mom

Elise listening to some guitar playing

 She was teaching me a song she wrote...

 New Years Day Onesie!  She was a happy girl in this pic


A little late, but Thanksgiving pics!

Sammie chillin with Elise 

 Mommie and baby

First Thanksgiving 

At Kevin and Alicia's house