Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Helper with the Guitar

I finally changed the strings on my guitar recently.  A while back, I was singing at church.  I grabbed my guitar off of its hanger on the wall to get ready to do.  I leaned it against the wall to go get Elise and then Kim could grab the guitar.  When I got to the kitchen I heard a crash.  I went back in the living room and it was on the floor.  I picked it up and headed to church.  But, once I went to get it back in tune and practice, I noticed the head was cracked in half and being pulled further apart by the tension on the strings!  It was a disaster.  I thought it was ruined.  

I took it to CA House music in Parkersburg and thankfully the guy was able to fix it.  He asked me what kind of strings he wanted me to put on it when he was done and I was specific.  I wanted Elixer brand strings and I was willing to pay for their extra cost.  But, he totally didn't put them on.  He did a great job fixing my guitar only to put crappy strings on.  I still used them though for a few months and they've been terrible.  So, I finally ordered new strings and went to install them. 

I got the old strings off and started putting the first string back on.  But, Elise wanted to push my hand away and put her binky in the hole.  Finally, I just laid it down for her to play with and she walked away.  So, I picked it back up and started putting the string on and she pushed it out of the way and put her binky in the hole.  So, I laid it down again and she started playing with it.  Then, she put her foot in and got it stuck and had a meltdown.  Fun times..


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